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Webmonkey Radio #8

"PHP: Past, Present and Future"
(MP3 / 5.9MB/ 26:00min)

Webmonkey Radio's launch in September 1999 marked the first digital audio content to appear on Hotwired since 'The Beta Lounge' split off from Wired Digital in early 1998. Created, written and hosted by author and Hotwired Interface Design Director Jeffrey Veen, Webmonkey Radio gives its audience a chance to listen to some of the web's most respected and influential designers talk about how they got their start - plus, there's that toe-tappin' bluegrass theme song.


Host and Producer: Jeffrey Veen
Engineer and Production Manager: Kevin Hunsaker
Music by 'The Fencecutters'

Apple Macintosh, Compaq PC, ProTools, Mackie 16/8 Mixing Console, Leitch A/V Router, Sound Forge