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Wired News 'Audio Spin'

"Shoes For Walking and Talking"
(MP3 / 1.2 MB/ 6:48min)

In December 1999, Wired News Culture Editor Judy Bryan and I began to collaborate on a project to bring MP3-format audio programming to Wired News as a regular feature. On February 22, 2000, Wired News Audio posted its first show, 'Audio Spin', in a project that produced three show formats and over 300 MP3 files in seven months. The sample included here is from 'Audio Spin' - a short (6 to 10 min) conversation-style interview with a Wired News reporter discussing the day's top stories (produced weekdays, Monday through Thursday).


Host and Producer: Judy Bryan
Co-producer, Engineer and Editor: Kevin Hunsaker
Assistant Engineer and Production Manager: David Tan

Apple Macintosh, Compaq PC, ProTools, Mackie 16/8 Mixing Console, Leitch A/V Router, Sound Forge